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matchbook - Field guide to a charmed life -50 green products page 61 [Click here for the full story]

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ecosalon - 2010 Gift Guide For Spaces: These gifts are for the spaces we live in and the kitchens we cook in. From glass bottles that hold your water to gourmet chocolates that tease your palate, we have gathered some of the best holiday gifts for your gifting pleasure. [Click here for the full story]

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Nylon Magazine - Fabulous Fall Finds [Click here for the full story]











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Toronto Star - Style Czar: I don’t know if it’s due to our growing environmental consciousness, or post-worldwide recession budget-consciousness, but suddenly, drinking anything but tap water started to seem just too court-of-Marie-Antoinette precious. [Click here for the full story]

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Best Health Magazine - The best reusable water bottles: "This reusable glass bottle has plenty of style, and is a fashionable way to store your water at home or in the office". [Click here for the full story]



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Fashion Magazine - Daily Steal: I’m too terrified to drink my water out of plastic bottles, and can’t get over the slight metallic aftertaste of aluminum reusables, so I’m loving this stylish glass version that looks pretty on my desk. [Click here for the full story]

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Toronto Star - 2009’s best products: 8 products that made my life easier this year, or healthier, or prettier [Click here for the full story]

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Arren Williams Design Lab
comments on tap water TM bottles: "I just love the crisp design and practical flip cap, and of course, the sassy message written in a refreshing white font reminds us why you’re smarter for choosing an environmentally friendly material for storing our drinking water". [Click here for the full story]

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Style at Home Magazine
lists tap water TM bottles as one of their "favourite things" saying: "I love the sleek design of these bottles". [Click here for the full story]

Tree Hugger "These bottles are really tough I dropped one as I was entering the bus and even though it was full of water and I had to chase it down the road it did not break." [Click here for the full story]


 Sweet Spot "A perfect gift for the avid entertainer - or that special someone who you want to gently remind that drinking tap water is the best choice."
[Click here for the full story]


 Sweet Spot Life & Style Guides - "The Sweetest Thing"
[Click here for the full story]

 DieLine - world’s best packaging design: "The bottle is stylish with both a modern clean design and a retro flip cap giving it a universal appeal."
[Click here for the full story]

 Samaritan - eco water bottle "Tap Water Bottle Eco-friendly, Inexpensive, Cool Looking."
[Click here for the full story]

 Thirsty in Suburbia - 2009 Wet and Wild Water Gift Guide
Thirsty in Suburbia: "These chic tap water bottles from are made of glass and are 100% recyclable…a moot point, since your recipient will want to reuse them forever." [Click here for the full story]

Lovely Package - Glass water bottleLovely Package: "If you want a bottle that can be used on your table during a dinner party, on your desk at work, or even used when you are out shopping the “tap water bottle” is the product that is needed." [Click here for the full story]


Hope24Seven: an online inspiration site featuring new inspiring companies each day.
[Click here for the full story]

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